Table of Contents

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Foreword by Sal Rachele

Chapter 3: Relationships - The Problem Statement

Chapter 4: Cultivating Unconditional Love

Chapter 9: Conclusion - from the head to the heart


Book Praise

"A sincere, truthful, and loveful presentation of life till now. It is commendable to document happenings with so much clarity and feel. Every phase is soaked in the quest and understanding of true love. From Supreme, Divinity, to deities, evolved souls, Gurus, to normal humans; but so sure of her true-self, carving her path of evolution and transformation through Gyan, authentic knowledge. Sublimation of Bhakti into pure love and duty, Karm - Seva.
All the Love and Light for growth, glory, and grace.
Pranam Om Om Om"
- Meena Om, Spiritual Master and Founder, Pranam Foundation (

"In Merging With the Beloved, Vinita Dubey finds creative ways to illuminate the path of bhakti, or devotion, that touch the heart as well as the mind. Her focus is on Lord Krishna, but devotees of any manifestation of the Beloved—not just the Hindu deities, but forms dear to Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and others—will find insights that enrich their paths.”
              - Philip Goldberg, author of American Veda: From Emerson and the Beatles to Yoga and Meditation, How Indian Spirituality Changed the West

"Great book! Vinita Dubey’s love and devotion for Lord Krishna has touched my heart and soul. She has taken us through her true experience of self-transformation. I got to know her more and learned a lot from her life story. I f you really want to experience the touch of Higher Being then you MUST READ this book. I look forward to read more of her books and more publications. May God Bless her more and more! Love"
- Satya Kalra, Founder, Founder, Path to Anandam (


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